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Rubber Coated Dumbbells


IR3103-5~50 Set
IR3103-55~100 Set
IR3103-5,10,15 to~100LB
a pair of each from 5 to 100LB, 5 LB increment

Detail description:

. Rubber coated dumbbells, 5~100lb set and individual dumbbells in 5lb increments
. Solid steel heads with rubber encased, perfact suface
. Well welded as single-piece unit
. Knurled chromed handle for firm but comfortable grip . IRON BULL logo and weight number on each dumbbell


* Weight:
Item Wight
IR3103-5~50 SET 550 LB
IR3103-55~100 SET 1550 LB
IR3103-5~100 LB 5,10,15 to 100
* For commercial usage
* Warranty: one year warranty