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New Products

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Item: BLP
Balance pad, 19 x 15 x 2(inch)

Item: BLC
Balance cushion
Diameter 13 inches

Item: G-Rope-30-SLV
Gym training rope with sleeve
30ft, Dia.1.5 inch

Item: F-W-Log-M
Olymic grip farmers log

Item: S-RACK
Sled rack, H40 x L49 x W26 (inch)

Item: M-RACK
Multi exercise rack
29H x 23W

Item: FR-Grid-31
Foam roller with grid
31 x 6 inch

Item: FR-GRID-24
Foam roller with grid
24 x 5.5 inch

Item: F-LOG
73LB Fitness strongman log

Item: G-Rope-PP-30-2
Black gym training rope,
with polypropylene fiber
30/50ft with Dia. 1.5/2 inch

Item: G-ROPE-NY-50
Nylon gym rope,
50 Feet x 1.5 inch

Item: G-rope-CL
Climb rope, 23 feet

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