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Labor Day Sale   (for Vetted dealers)

September 1 through 30, 2022

Coupon Number:  009 

 5% Off

HD-5 ~ 100LB

Hex-dumbbell 5 to 100LB (all sizes)

 3% Off

GOD-2.5 ~ 45LB

Gray Olympic plates 2.5 to 45LB(all sizes)

8% Off

 HDRS-5 ~ 100 LB
 Rubber hex-dumbbell 5LB to 100LB

  (3LB not included)

 HDRS-55~100 LB SET

 rubber hex-dumbbell 5 to 50, and 55 to 100 LB Sets

 3% Off

IR5100-2.5 ~ 45LB
Rubber grip plates 2.5 to 45LB (all sizes)

 5% Off

 Olympic black bar, 1000LB

 Olympic chrome bar, 1000LB

10% Off

PU Wall ball with Urethane inner
8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 25, 30LB

 10% Off

     ESB-0.5-10P (10 Pcs /Pk)
     ESB-0.75-10P (10 Pcs /Pk)
     ESB-1.25-10P (10Pcs /Pk)
     ESB-1.75-6P(6 Pcs /Pk)
     ESB-2.5-6P (6 Pcs /Pk)

     Rubber bands sale by pack

ESB-0.5 (red)
ESB-0.75 (black)
ESB-1.25 (purple)
ESB-1.75 (green)
ESB-2.5 (blue)

Rubber bands sale by piece

15% Off

Gym workout rope 25ft

3% Off

Gym workout rope 30ft

Reduced Price
please see your order form

Item#: G-Rope-CL
Climb rope with hook

Item#: G-Roope-PP-50
Gym rpoe 50ft x 1.5"

Please put coupon number on your order

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