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Valentine's Day Sale

February 2 through 28, 2023
(for Vetted dealers)

Coupon Number:  VAL

5% Off & plus free gift

You will get "DBR-A" for free when you order more than 210LB of IR3920 (one rack for one store only)

Octagon Coated Dumbbell (Patent pending)

IR3920-5 to 50 LB
IR3920-5 ~ 50LB Set

DBR-A (Free gift)
"A" frame dumbbell rack

 Apollo octagon coated dumbbell with CPU Filled Number, which is made with chromed contoured knurling handle and steel /cast iron encased in durable, non-slip, high quality odorless RPE (Rubber plastic elastomer) coated head that helps protect against callused and minimizes damage done to floor if dropped.

Importantly, it has large easy to read number on the head in an attractive good-looking appearance and, so whenever it is, you will find right weight immediately from a pile of dumbbells, and eliminating the need to reproduce numbers on dumbbells.

The octagon dumbbell not only won't roll away, but makes storage easy, and saves more spaces on storage rack than traditional rubber hex-dumbbell.

Additionally, our Octagon dumbbell has price advantage, which is the same low price as rubber hex-dumbbell.

Big discount

$5.00 Off /bag

ESB-0.5-10P (10 Pcs per bag)
ESB-0.75-10P (10 Pcs per bag)

Exercise rubber band

$10.00 Off /bag

ESB-1.25-10P (10 Pcs per bag)
ESB-1.75-6P (6 Pcs per bag)
ESB-2.5-6P (6 Pcs per bag)

Exercise rubber band

Reduced big price


Balance pad 19" x 15" x 2"

10% Off


Wall ball 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 25, 30LB

5% Off

KBN-5 to 30

Neoprene kettlebell 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30LB

$10.00 Off


Gym rope 1.5 inch x 25ft

$20.00 Off


 Women bearing bar, 6.6-Ft
25mm, 1000LB, with 4 bearings


 Men bearing bar, 86.6-inch
28mm, 1500LB, with 4 bearings


 Men bearing bar, 86.6-inch,
28mm, 1500LB with 4 bearings

$5.00 Off

Item ID: IR2206

Black Olympic bar with
4-needle, 1000LB

Item ID: IR2207

Cheome Olympic bar with
4-needles 1000LB

10% Off

E-BAT-5 to 20LB

Indian club bat 5, 10, 15, 20LB

$5.00 Off /Pc

F-HAM-10 to 30LB

Fitness hammer 10, 15, 20, 25, 30LB

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