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Fitness Strong Man Log


Item ID: F-LOG

Detail description:

One of toughest strongman tools available, the heavy duty steel Apollo Athletics F- Log is specialized for training and achieving "max" strength. With non-aggressive knurling for a more comfortable grip, the neutral/inverted handles, the grip is easier on the wrists and allows for lower stress on the shoulders for all the pressing movements. Many trainers are finding the the F-Log can be safer to use than a standard barbell!

If Strongman training is even somewhat important to you, the F- Log must be in your rotation. Use it for presses, cleans, jerks, benches and rows. Strongman methods are effective for augmenting traditional endurance, strength, and power programming, eg. a log clean and press workout for endurance, a strict overhead log press for strength, and a log push jerk for power.


* Both Home and Commercial Usage
* Dimension: 51"L x 9"Diameter, Plate Horn Length: 12"
* Weight: 71 LB
* Warranty: 120 days Limited Warranty



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