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Slam ball

Item ID: S-BALL-6, 10, 15 ~50 (LB)

Detail description:

Improve core strength, conditioning and explosiveness with the S-Ball series of Slam Balls. Each slam ball is specifically designed to maximize your full body movement each and every time you slam the ball to the floor.

Each S-Ball is sand(silica) filled for true no bounce and is expertly balanced in a heavy-duty rubber shell, designed for maximum durability. Easy to grasp and throw with a pliable, tactified surface. Perfect for all ballistic over the head throwing exercises. Using a slam ball offers multiple fitness benefits, and the S-Ball series are essential for any exercise routine. They come in 6 lb and 10 lb - 50 lb in 5 lb increments.


* Both Home and Commercial Usage

* Weights and Circumference:

6 LB        9-inch

10 LB      9 inch

15 LB      9 inch

20 LB      9 inch

25 LB      11 inch

30 LB      11 inch

35 LB     11 inch

40 LB     11 inch

45 LB     11 inch

50 LB     11 inch

* Warranty: 120 day Limited Warranty.

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