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Exercise Stretch tube

Item ID: EST-H, M, L

Detail description:

The APOLLO ATHLETICS EST resistance bands, come in 3 resistance levels: Light, Medium and Heavy, and are made of high quality double dipped layered latex, plus each band has soft grip handles. The double layer of latex is designed to ensure the elastic force remains true over continuous usage, and resists tears and abrasions, thus helping extend the maximum life of the band. Also, due to the quality latex used, there is little or no associated odor.

As part of total-body conditioning, you can use a band to isolate targeted muscle groups through a full range of motion to strengthen and tone arms, chest, shoulders, and back. Get toned, lose fat, strengthen and build muscle, improve flexibility, and build stamina.

Each band weighs only 1lb, and is perfect for group exercise, personal training, and even travel. The progressive resistance also make bands ideal for all fitness levels, and can target all of your muscles without heavy bulky weight machines.

An EST band is great for Yoga or Pilates enthusiasts who may not have the time to make it to class, or just want to work their program at home. You can also use with P90 X3, T25, Insanity, MMA - or any resistance strength program. Bands can be incorporated into sport specific training programs for Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, and even Dance. Bands can help you-jump higher, swing harder, stretch. as well as, rehab injuries to joints, knees and legs!


* Both Home and Commercial Usage

* Properties:


* Warranty: 120 days Limited Warranty

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