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JR-Speed /JR-L /JR-B

Jump ropes

Item ID: JR-SPEED; / JR-L; / JR-B;

Detail description:

Jump Rope will boost cardio, improve stamina and increase quickness. Streamlined, lightweight and built for speed.

Apollo jump-rope includes three kinds:

1. Steel cable jump rope witch provides quicker wrist whip and rope spin, making it perfect for double unders, and most advanced rope moves.

2. Vinyl cable jump rope with PVC handles.

3. Leather cable with soft foam handles.

All of them provide flexible and kink-free, the durable, smooth-moving rope is designed for minimal friction and maximum speed, and maintains its shape and easily adjusts to fit any height.


* Both Home and Commercial Usage

* Dimensions:

ItemIDLength (feet)ColorWeight (LB)

* Warranty: 120 days Limited Warranty

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