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Integral Squat Rack

Item ID: RSB-314

Detail description:

Only 42-inch wide, this space saving Squat Stand/Bench Press rack is adjustable from 35-inch to 65-inch to fit each person's height for a variety of strength exercises. Made from high tensile strenth steel with Black Powder Caoting, Attached uprights frame allows a stable stance while in use. Safety catch bars for emergency needs. Rubber end caps protect the floor from scratches.

Adjustable uprights allow the user to find their optimum height. Low safety supports allow a decline position. Recessed attached uprights allow a utility bench to slide further back between uprights for correct incline position.

5-inch back plate to catch bar as lifter maneuvers back to stand. 2.5-inch mouth opening for bar support and safety supports on each post can be adjusted accordingly.


* Home use only. Max load should not exceed 275 Lbs. For added safety, do not practice squats alone. Always have a spotter.

* Weight: 35.2 Lbs.

* Assembly Required

* Warranty: 120 days in-home-use" Limited Warranty