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Glute Ham


Item ID: G-HAM

Detail description:

The Apollo Athletics glute-ham raise (G-HAM) is a great exercise for the entire posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, lower back and even calves). Made of High Density Foam with an easy to clean 18oz vinyl cover and a 16"Wx10"H curved upper pad.

(GHDs) a critical piece of strength training equipment. As noted experts, Louie Simmons and Dr. Yessis have pointed out, intensive, focused training of the hamstrings, glutes, abdominals and lower back are critical to increasing acceleration, running speed, power and jumping ability while reducing the risk of common hamstring and back injuries.

The reason is that the posterior chain is where the athlete gets his running speed, acceleration, power and jumping ability - and what sport doesn’t need that? Sadly, this area is under-trained, as evidenced by the frequent hamstring and back injuries. Glute/Ham Developers provide focused training on the critical posterior chain muscle groups, but they are out of reach of many as they cost hundreds of dollars.

A practical and low cost alternative is the Partner Glute/Ham Developer. By substituting the footplate and rollers with your coach or training partner holding your feet in place, and by eliminating the frame altogether, the material costs have been greatly reduced, but G-HAM incorporates the essentials that give the user a very intense workout.

Already in use by several Division 1 programs, the Partner Glute/Ham Developer is the most attractive option in the industry for those with limited budgets and/or those that are looking to purchase in large volumes.


* Both Home and Commercial Usage

* Dimension: Shipping carton is 22 12" W x 25"H x 33" L. Unit out of box is 22" W x 24 1/2H x 31 1/2" L

* Weight: 48 LB

* Warranty: 120 days Limited Warranty

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