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About us

  Apollo Athletics is a wholesaler of fitness equipment specializing in free weights and Gym equipment /accessories, and commercial equipment, headquartered in Anaheim California. We have been supplying retail distributors with high quality products and services since 1992.


  Here is some information about our company:

  • Our headquarter is in Southern California
  • We have three warehouses. They are in:
    1. Anaheim, California
    2. Tacoma, Washington State
    3. Elgin, Illinois

  • We have an implemented program that we pick up pallets from Impex, which is your Impex order, and deliver to you with your APOLLO order. By combining the two shipments you are able to reduce the Impex freight cost significantly.
  • Our pricing is very competitive.
  • Our products are not only with high quality but always in stock as well.
  • We are sensitive to our customers requirements, and continually upgrade our products and programs to serve customers better.
  • We have our own truck with lift-gate and our own driver, which allows us to provide better service. Our driver will unload and help transfer products to your storeroom upon request.
  • Because we have our own truck, we are able to arrange delivery time more precisely and flexibly so that you may schedule staff accordingly.
  • Many Fitness Equipment Retailers are our current customers. If you would like a reference please call us, we may help you upon your request.