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Functional Trainer System



Item ID: IR1017
Functional trainer with basic cable attachments

Item ID: IR1017-ATT
Extra attachments for fuctional trainer(four pieces)

Detail description:

Apollo Functional Trainer is a kind of Multi Exercises in 1 Compact System, which combines a power rack, functional trainer, smith machine, chin up station, and core trainer into one compact multi-station machine
. Plate Weight Machine
. 5-In-1 Strength Training System
. Quick Assembly with Detailed Instructions
. Optional Attachments Available
a. IR1017 with basical attachments
b. IR1017-ATT with extra 4-piece attachments as a package in one carton:
Item name dimension
1 nylon ankle strap
2 cable rope
3 revolving straight bar 20-inch
4 Long bar 42-inch


* For commercial usage
* H85 x W72 x D45 inch
* Machine 561 lb; 440 lb for weight stacks (maximum 220 lb per side)
* IR1017-ATT 12 lb
* Warranty: one year warranty