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Item: IR1017
Functional trainer

Item: IR7606-20

Heavy vest 20LB & 40LB

Item: IR1015
Foam roller 6" x 12"
with amazon basic

Item: IR1015
Foam roller 6" x 18"
with amazon basic

Item: IR5301
Urethane Olympic grip
2.5 ~ 45 LB plates

Item: IR3312
CPU dumbbell 5 to 100LB
in 5 LB increment

Item: MAT-Y-A
Yoga mat w amazon

Item: IR7808
Plate wedge

Item: IR5100
Rubber grip plates

Item: IR5500
TPU grip plates

Item: IR5300
CPU grip plates

Item: M-Ball
Medicine ball

Item: IR7101
Rubber dumbbell set

Item: WB-8~30
Anti-slip wall ball

Item: IR0926
65cm Gym ball w bump
& amazon basic


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