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Balance Cushion


Item ID: BLC

Detail description:

The lightweight APOLLO ATHLETICS BLC, Balance Cushion, is an nippled inflatable round cushion, which is strong enough to stand or sit on, and when doing so gives an unstable surface. The moisture-resistant shell is easy to clean after use.

It is great for Balance Stability, Coordination and Flexibility. Using a BLC will improve posture, and help with Core and Ab strengthening. It is excellent for all types of yoga, and exercise especially for restorative poses.

The ergonomic design encourages proper posture while sitting, standing, kneeling, or through low-impact strength training. It also aids in shaping and toning your lower body. A Balance Cushion is one of the best occupational therapy tools available, and is extensively used to improve proprioception with many of the following injuries: sprained ankle, arthritis, knee anterior cruciate injury, after knee anterior cruciate surgery, after knee meniscus (cartilage) surgery, following joint replacement surgery, collateral knee ligament injury.

Balance Cushions are frequently used in schools to assist children who find it difficult to sit still. Additionally balance training exercises have been shown to help children with Dyspraxia, Dyslexia and ADHD.

For adults of all ages, sitting on a BLC is an effective theraputic tool and is used to create instability in a seated posture, which keeps back muscles engaged and postural reflexes stimulated, with increased focused balance. The purpose and result is to make your sitting an active chore for your back muscles. The reflexes that keep us upright degenerate as we age, and the core stability muscles atrophy. Using a BLC as a seat cushion will help reverse and stabilize these all important muscle groups.


* Both Home and Commercial Usage on firm, solid surface when used standing. When sitting, any chair seat is appropriate.
* Dimension: 13-inch round
* Resistance Level: 15 LBs of resistance
* Weight: 2 LBs
* Used weight capacity: 250 LBs * Warranty: 120 days "Limited" Warranty

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