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Power chute with belt



Detail description:

When you use the Apollo Athletics CHUTE (Training Parachute) to exercise, the assisted reverse aerodynamics resistance of the air will produce a backward drag force, so the faster you run, the greater the drag force. Through this unsurpassed resistannce training, and by recruiting large and new areas of muscle fibers, you can improve acceleration, muscle endurance, and enhance the ability to adjust the direction of the high-speed running.

The CHUTE provides resistance in the initial part of your training run. During the run, the parachute releases to initiate the over-speed phase. Serious training enables a "shot out of a cannon" boost! This combination increases your speed, explosiveness, acceleration, and stamina while improving running technique. It combines resistance and overspeed running during the run - the two key elements of speed training. This type of training is used by many professional sports teams and track athletes throught the world.

Made from high quality parachute cloth and netting wit velcro quick release belt. The heavy duty fabric panels help provide stability, reduce unwanted shifting during running and prevent tangling during storage. Includes a handy carrying bag.


* Both Home and Commercial Usage
* Dimension: 40" diameter, fits all sizes (up to a 42" waist)
* Resistance Level: 15 lbs of resistance
* Weight: 2.4 oz
* Warranty: 120 days "Limited" Warranty

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