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Foam roller


Item ID: FR-24

Detail description:

Foam Roller is a multifunctional workout accessory which provides an easy, affordable way to perform muscular self-massage. Use your own body weight to remove active Trigger points* and promote overall greater tissue extensibility throughout the body by providing Trigger point release and myofascial pain treatment Increases blood flow and promotes healing.

It can be incorporated into various exercise routines. Made from lightweight, medium-density foam, foam rollers rollers are ideal for anyone looking to apply mild pressure on muscles. Using an foam rollers helps decreases chronic pain and post workout soreness! Speeds up recovery between workouts!

Foam roller is highly versatile, allowing you to roll every muscle group or incorporate the roller into many fitness routines. Antimicrobial and mold resistant, it will retain density and won't dent throughout rigorous and demanding foam roller use. A perfect tool for building core stabilization, stretching, and balance. Apart from this, it also helps you improve your posture. Extensively used in Pilates, this roller will be an ideal addition to your home gym.

Trigger points are sections of a muscle which remain contracted throughout the day and cause the spread of pain through various patterns on the body which is referred to as radicular symptoms. These symptoms can range from deep aching pain, burning, soreness, postural pain, and headaches. Deep pressure through the application of a foam roller causes muscular relaxation and forces trigger points to release and the body can then remove the lactic acid and other metabolites which have built up in the tissue.


* Both Home and Commercial Usage
* Diameter: 6-inch
* Length: 24-inch * Weight: 1.2 LB
* Color: Sky blue
* Warranty: 120 days Limited Warranty

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