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Gym Rope


Item ID: G-ROPE-PP-25

Detail description:

This heavy duty training rope is ideal for a variety of exercise programs including crossfit, boot camp and MMA. It strengthens arms, legs and core all at the same time. Durable enough to use inside or outside and easy to anchor to any sturdy object.

Apollo gym exercise rope made by the materials of Polypropylene Plastic (PP). It is fuctionality for:
. Great for cross fit training, general training and tug of war
. Strengthens core, arms and legs while increasing cardio
. Rope can be anchored easily with any sturdy object


* Both Home and Commercial Usage
* Dimensions:
ItemID Length (inch)  Diameter (inch) Weight (LB)
G-Rope-PP-25 (D1.5) 25 1.5 14
G-Rope-PP-30 (D1.5) 30 1.5 18
G-Rope-PP-50 (D1.5) 50 1.5 25
* Color: Black
* Warranty: 120 days Limited Warranty