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Sand bags



Detail description:

As an athletic training aid, Apollo Athletics Sand Bags can be used to increase body strength, stability and endurance. With two (2) different sizes to choose from, you can decide how you want to develop your own explosive power on demand, and while the purpose of any training method is defined by the user and their goals, sandbag training is especially good for functional strength and conditioning.

Each heavy-duty bag is made with extra-thick, 1,000-denier nylon material that is reinforced with double-stitching and heavy-duty webbing. Each size comes with three (3) nylon reinforced leak proof zipper and velcro enclosed sand bag inserts (sand not included), as follows:

S-Bag S -- 10LB x 3 inserts for a mximum weight of 30 LB

S-Bag-M -- 20LB x 3 inserts for a maximum weight of 60 LB

The inserts are placed in the "body" of the bag and are enclosed and protected by both a YKK Mil-Spec zipper, but also covered snap hooks to make the bags doubly secure. Each bag has multiple handles ( 3 soft rubber encased nylon handles on top, 1 nylon handle on each end, 2 soft rubber encased nylon handles on the bottom) allowing the user the ease of changing both grip and workput intensity as desired.

Unlike other methods that require specific form and technique, sandbags are extremely simple tools that can be used by almost anyone as long as you know how to properly pick up a load (i.e. straight back, core tight, knees tracking over your toes, etc.).

The key to the effectiveness of sandbag training has to do with the shifting of the sand itself. During typical sets with other weights like kettlebells , you are able to get in a “groove” while lifting the weight, making the set easier as you start to flow. Conversely, the shifting nature of the weight within a sandbag makes that flow impossible; every lift is like the first rep of a set. This makes the workout more challenging by engaging your stabilizer muscles over and over again. You can vary your workout easily, for example, start with a swing, then a lift, and then a squat to work upper and lower body.

If you’re looking for strength training, you just need to get a heavier sandbag and concentrate on lower rep sets. If you want conditioning, get a lighter sandbag and add reps and intensity.


* Both Home and Commercial Usage- can be used indoors or outdoors- not water proof
* Weights and dimensions:
Item weight Size
S-BAG-S 1 LB 12"L  x  9 "W x 6"H
S-BAG-M 1.5 LB 14"L  x 10"W x 6"H
* Warranty: 120 day Limited Warranty.

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