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Lacross ball


Item ID: L-BALL (sell by pair)

Detail description:

The APOLLO ATHLETICS L-Ball Lacrosse Ball is perhaps the most simple but most effective form of mobility training. Lightweight and emminently portable, each ball is firm rubber and measures 2 1/2" in Diameter, and is great for myofascial release and self-massage. There isn't a body part an L-Ball cannot hit very effectively. Their only restriction is the creativity of the user.

Simply rolling over an L-Ball is great for breaking up muscle knots and hard to reach trigger points. Use them on your traps, delts shoulders,and upper back after a heavy upper body workout, or on glutes, hamstrings, calves and feet after a long run. You can target tightness in your mucles, tendons and ligaments and release tension by rolling over those areas.

Beacuse they are made for to be shot/launched, passed and caught with impact at 100+mph, they are tough and will not wear out. The rubber surface minimizes slipping and enables the ball to really bite into the body part you are targeting. You can even tape several of them together for added benefits.

Use in any body position both indoors or outdoors and on any firm surface. The L-Ball is truly the closest thing to a personal masseuse being with you, but so much less costly!


* Both Home and Commercial Usage
* Sold in pairs- each ball weighs 8 oz.
* Warranty: 120 day Limited Warranty.

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