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Functional Trainer System

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Item ID: IR1017
Functional trainer with basic cable attachments            

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Item ID: IR1017-ATT
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Extra attachments for fuctional trainer(four pieces)


Functional Trainer is designed to provide a near limitless variety of workouts in a limited space, which is one of the gym's most popular pieces of equipment. Not only can it be used as a freestanding device, but it can also be used to complement existing workout types. 16 selectable cable positions allow users to perform a variety of exercises. Dual 95kg weight stacks provide enough load even for experienced lifters.

High Space Utilization

Two weight stacks, ideal for small facility spaces, allow two exercisers to use at the same time, with interchangeable accessories and Adjustable Bench for a wide variety of workouts.

Ease of Use

The easily adjustable handle height on both sides of the pulley allows one-handed adjustment, and the laser-etched markings provide accurate alignment. The 95kg weight stack on both sides provides a 2:1 ratio of power to resistance, providing sufficient weight for different exercises.


Three separate sets of pull-up grips are rubber-coated for a comfortable and secure grip. The central attachment bracket with pegs stabilizes the structure while providing abundant storage functions.


Apollo Functional Trainer is a kind of Multi Exercises in 1 Compact System, which combines a power rack, functional trainer, smith machine, chin up station, and core trainer into one compact multi-station machine

. Plate Weight Machine

. 5-In-1 Strength Training System

. Quick Assembly with Detailed Instructions

. Optional Attachments Available

. IR1017 with basical attachments

. IR1017-ATT with extra 4-piece attachments as a package in one carton:

Item namedimension (inch)
1nylon ankle strap8
2cable rope28
3revolving straight bar20
4Long bar42


* For commercial usage

* H89 x W69 x D41 inch

* Machine 561 lb; 418 lb for weight stacks (maximum 209 lb per side)

* IR1017-ATT 12 lb

* Warranty: one year warranty