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CPU straight handle barbell

IR4301-20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100,110LB (Sale by piece)

Detail description:


. CPU straight handle barbell, 20LB to 110LB in 10 LB increments. Sale by individual piece.

. Urethane ends will not split, peel, or chip, and odor free

. Solid steel core, well welded in single-piece unit

. Chrome-plated straight bar with knurling for easy grip.

. IRON BULL logo and weight number in different color on black


* For commercial usage

* weight: 20LB, 30LB, 40LB, 50LB, 60LB

  70LB, 80LB, 90LB, 100LB, 110LB

* Warranty: Two years warranty.